The Innova Concept is a U-letter-shaped apartment building with a branching off section facing east. The façade of the building combines modern and classical styles, while glass, metal, and wood components lend the building a look of elegance and warmth. The leisure and playground area is situated in a safe part of the courtyard; to the south it borders on the grounds of a public primary school and is enclosed by the building itself to the west and south.

Innova Concept is the fourth residential project, following Osiedle Innova, Osiedle Moderno, and Apartamenty Innova, completed by FPP in the Krzyki district of Wrocław. The six-floor building houses 144 flats and 4 commercial units. While Innova Concept offers flats of varying sizes and balcony dimensions, all have been designed with particular care to providing a functional layout. The full-length windows and spacious terraces make the space of each apartment amenable to being freely arranged.

There are four commercial units on the ground floor. Parking spaces and storage rooms are located on both the ground floor and -1 level. The building also offers parking spaces for motorbikes or scooters as well as bicycle stands. There are additional car parks available outside of the building.

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