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FADESA POLNORD POLSKA Sp. z o.o. (FPP) was incorporated in 2005, and its current shareholders are a Spanish company styled MARTINSA-FADESA S.A. (51 percent interest) and a Polish company styled POLNORD S.A. (49 percent interest). FPP is based in Warsaw, Poland, at Aleje Jerozolimskie 94.

From its inception to 31 December 2018, the FPP Group sold 3,150 and handed over 2,971 flats within four residential projects.

In Wrocław, in 2014 the FPP Group completed the construction and sold a multi-stage OSIEDLE INNOVA residential project comprising 531 flats (www.osiedleinnova.pl), in 2015 it completed and sold 158 flats in OSIEDLE MODERNO, and in 2019 the flats in building 6.1, part of a five-stage APARTAMENTY INNOVA, APARTAMENTY INNOVA II, and APARTAMENTY INNOVA III housing complex comprising 537 flats in aggregate, are scheduled to be handed over (www.apartamentyinnova.pl). In 2017, construction and sale of an eight-stage OSTOJA WILANÓW residential project comprising 1,929 flats in total were completed in Warsaw (www.ostojawilanow.pl). The Villa Botanica project at Powsin near Warsaw (www.villabotanica.pl) is at a preliminary stage.

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FPP partners with two banks: PEKAO S.A. provides financing for Ostoja Wilanów and Osiedle Innova and Getin Noble Bank SA for Osiedle Moderno, Apartamenty Innova and currently Innova Concept.

FPP Group in Wrocław

FPP has been present in Wrocław since 2007. The ground for the first Wrocław-based project, Osiedle Innova, was broken in 2010. By 31 December 2018, the company sold 1,221 and handed over 1,037 flats in Wrocław.


Innova Concept is the FPP Group’s fifth residential project overall and fourth completed in Wrocław. An FPP wholly owned project company styled FPP Osiedle Moderno Sp. z o.o. is responsible for the execution of the project. The company was set up in 2012 to carry out the Osiedle Moderno project. The construction of Osiedle Moderno was completed in 2015.

The Innova Concept project will be implemented fully under the provisions of the Real Property Development Act. Customers transfer their money into escrow accounts maintained by the bank overseeing the project (Getin Noble Bank SA).

Innova Concept Project Details

  • Real Property Developer: FPP OSIEDLE MODERNO Sp. z o.o. (FPP Group)
  • Project name: INNOVA CONCEPT
  • Location: ul. Nyska, 50-505 Wrocław
  • Breaking ground: January 2019
  • Estimated completion of construction: March 2021
  • Number of flats: 144 flats + 4 commercial units
  • Number of floors: 6 floors and an underground car park
  • Architect: DPA Dorożyńscy Pracownia Architektury
  • General Contractor: HARAS BUDOWNICTWO Sp. z o.o. - Sp. k.
  • Financing: Getin Noble Bank SA
  • Sale: FPP Sales Office in Wrocław (ul. Nyska 50) and HOME BROKER offices
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